Motorhome Running Costs

Motorhome running costs vary by model and lifestyle.  Fuel consumption figures can be found at  When converting for a motorhome, expect a 10 - 30% reduction, depending on the body and weight of your motorhome.

Whilst individual motorhome costs vary - as a rough estimate you could budget:

Tax per annum £165.00 - £230.00
Insurance per annum (approx) £250.00 - £400.00
Miles per gallon 20 - 35
Servicing and Maintenance £250.00 - £500.00




Buy a motorhome or keep money in the bank?

With interest rates so low - investing in a motorhome for your holidays represents great value.

Average cost of two - one week family holidays, and one short break per year
(Based on a family of 4 sharing a holiday home on the Devon Coast) = £2,750.00

With a 4 berth motorhome at SMC = £2,500.00

And a motorhome is available for you to holiday 365 days a year.

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