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Update November 2016: Sorry folks - our regular storage area is full and we are currently reserving access to our new owners only. 

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A few tips for your Motorhome in Winter...

It’s mid November, and bathed in autumn sunshine, it’s hard to imagine that in a week or two, we could be ploughing our way through winter snow. Then again, that’s the beauty of motorhomes - the flexibility and joy of waking up at the week...end, the sun is unexpectedly shining, so let’s just mount up and get away. So - whether you’re planning to hibernate for the winter, or use the opportunity to enjoy some of our greatest attractions at their least busy period , here are some tips you might find useful.

Winter Adventures

  • Fit winter tyres - special compound and tread gives much better grip. Or consider snow chains or socks if you’re getting out somewhere remote when it’s really snowy.
  • Check all your driving lights are working and carry some spare bulbs.
  • Replace your wipers and fill your wash bottle with winter fluid.
  • Fit a windscreen cover - an outdoor cover means no condensation inside, and you don’t have to clear frost or snow off the windows, but you do have to go outside to fit it, and have somewhere waterproof to store it. An inside cover eliminates most condensation, are easy to stow away as they are dry and warm, but you might need to clear frost from the outside of the windscreen
  • Check the batteries and charging systems are good. More power is used in winter, so consider some extra solar panels or converting to LED lights, which use up to 90% less power.
  • Check the heating system is working, and make sure a CO detector is fitted.
  • Most fridges are less efficient below 10 degrees air temperature, so get some vent covers fitted.
  • Outside fresh water tank? Store some inside the vehicle just in case, and for waste water, let it drain into a bucket so you can dispose of it later on.

Winter Hibernation

In your parking area: 
Avoid obvious risks like tree cover and flood risk 
Consider security measures such as a driveway post, gates, lighting or CCTV
If you can, leave some room to move the motorhome a couple of feet, just so you can prevent a flat spot forming on the tyres.

In your Motorhome: 
Ensure that the battery powering the security systems (alarm / tracker) is kept charged - this might mean you have to occasionally charge the battery or use a solar panel. Alternatively disconnect the battery and store it somewhere warm, dry and well ventilated for the winter. Don’t forget to make sure you have your Radio Code to hand when it comes time to reconnect.

Drain down the water system; it might help to park on a slope so that the drain point is at its lowest point. Open all taps half way, including the shower. Drain water from the toilet. Be as thorough as you can, and if in any doubt, take your Motorhome and allow a dealer to do it.

Leave the fridge door slightly ajar and if you have somewhere warm and dry to store the soft furnishings - use it. If it’s practical, chock the wheels and leave the handbrake off. Lube the lock with a little Vaseline or WD40 - just to stop them freezing. Cover any vents or use a breathable cover if you have one.

Southern Motorhome Centre:

Winterisation check from £25.00

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